5 Tech Savvy Teaching Tools That Your Students Will Love and Your Peers Will Envy

24 03 2014

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These Fun, Free Web Applications Make it Quick and Easy to Create Cool Learning Content (Watch out Though, Other Teachers Will be Banging Down Your Door Looking

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Turning documents into conversations

24 03 2014

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NowComment is fast, powerful, and feature-rich: you can sort comments, skim summaries, create assignments, hide comments, reply privately, and much more.

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Sokratik, create and share html5 audio-visual presentations

20 03 2014

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Sokratik – a way to create audio-visual presentations in your browser and share them with the world.

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Twitter for Beginners in Education

13 03 2014

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! Are you a new to Twitter teacher? Not exactly sure how to get started? This cheat sheet will include easy-to-follow action steps to help you build, organize and manage your PLN (Personal Learning

Let’s Learn IT’s insight:

Good suggestions here -worth a read!

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Writefull | A new way of writing with confidence

13 03 2014

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We all use Google to check if our writing is correct. We enter different phrases until we find the one that gives us most results – and this is the one we use in our own text. A smart approach, but not without its annoyances: revisiting the Google webpage breaks the flow of our writing, and its results often contain grammatical errors.

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9 Top Tips To Engage Your Learners in eLearning

12 03 2014

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At the following article you will find 9 Top eLearning Tips to engage your learners right to the end. Just Keep It…

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Curriculet – Build interaction around digital text

6 03 2014

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Curriculet’s digital reading platform allows teachers to enrich reading by embedding their questions, quizzes and rich media directly into the reading.

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