What 4,500 Professors and Administrators Think About Online Learning

30 11 2012

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Three important takeaways about the current state of this growing trend.

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Automatic Captions on Videos Now Available in Six More Languages Including German, Italian, French and Russian

29 11 2012

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Robin Good: YouTube has just made available today the automatic captioning feature to six more European languages: German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian and Dutch.


By utilizing this feature, which can be activated on any video by clicking a simple icon on the bottom of the video player, YouTube will automatically transcribe and display the spoken content of any video in one of the languages supported.


From the official announcement: “As automatic captions will have some errors, creators also have several tools to improve the quality of their captions. Automatic captions can be a starting point, where creators can then download them for editing, or edit them in-line on YouTube. Creators can also upload plain-text transcripts in these languages, and the same technology will generate automatically-synchronized captions.”


Source: http://youtube-global.blogspot.it/2012/11/youtube-automatic-captions-now-in-six.html




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Digital Storytelling: how to make an animated PPT movie

27 11 2012

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How-to video for creating digital storybooks using custom animations in PowerPoint. For more resources from Nancye Blair, visit www.EngagingEducation.net.

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DropMind® – mind mapping software for visual thinking

26 11 2012

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“Mind mapping solution for brainstorming, visual and creative thinking, represented by the desktop platform friendly solution and online application created in Silverlight.

Free basic account for iPad or web…”

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Make Your Own Animated GIF From Videos

22 11 2012

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On Internet you can find funny images in a GIF format. GIF files are like animated images which are also called moving pictures.

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Moodle for Teachers (M4T) TESOL CALL-IS EVO2013 Online Class by Dr. Nellie Deutsch

22 11 2012

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Moodle for Teachers (M4T) 2013 EVO online workshop will take place on a Moodle website called Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL). The aim of the M4T workshop is to provide participants, who have never used Moodle or who would like to enrich their previous Moodle experiences, with the knowledge and skills to navigate a Moodle course, access resources, activities, and blocks from a student perspective and practice the same Moodle features in class practice sections as teachers. The participants will develop a lesson or course on Moodle.


The workshop will include both asynchronous (not dependent on time) and synchronous (time dependent) learning environments. The asynchronous will be conducted on the Moodle and the synchronous learning environment will be conducted on WizIQ (free premium accounts for educators) in the Moodle. Participants will watch tutorials, post to the discussion forums, and practiceMoodle tools with the roles of a student and teacher.



The goal of the M4T EVO 2013 course is to help educators ensure the quality of online learning through systematic instructional design of online and blended online courses (BOL) and instructor training on online pedagogies.



This intensive five-week workshop is designed to engage the participants in theoretical and practical aspects of online learning and teaching with a Learning Management System (LMS) called Moodle. Participants or Moodlers as they are called will be introduced to the Moodle philosophy and course development tools. By successfully completing the program, participants will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to create basic Moodle resources and activities for blended online learning (BOL) or blended learning (BL) courses. As online learners, participants will understand online learning from the student’s perspective so they can prepare their future courses with the learner in mind.


Workload & Format

M4T EVO 2013 requires participants to be active at least 10 hours a week on theoretical and practical aspects of online learning (individually and in teams). Participants will learn about resources, activities, and blocks as students and practice the role of a teacher in setting up resources and activities. In addition, teacher will have access to the admin settings for courses and for user enrolments.


Participants will be actively involved in the course. The tasks involved creating video tutorials. Participants will learn to use screensharing (jing, screen-o-matic, present me, screenr) and authoring tools (Youtube, Vimeo, Bliptv, Vocaroo)


Screensharing tools for tutorials. 

Jing (requires download) Screenr (no download) Screencastomatic (no download) Vocaroo (no download) Present Me (no download)

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Instant Web-Based Free Videoconferencing with Meetingl

19 11 2012

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Robin Good: Meetingl is a free video conferencing tool that allows you to meet, talk and chat with up to eight people without having to download, install or configure any software.


Fully browser-based Meetingl works across PCs, Macs and mobile devices, and it is as simple to use as it gets. To start a session you simply click on “New Room” and instantly you are placed in a uniquely numbered room where you can invite your guests. You can share the URL of the meeting room by clicking on the “room number” that will appear on the lower left part of your interface.


Free to use.


Try it out now: http://meetingl.com/






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50 Powerful Ways To Use Skype In The Classroom

17 11 2012

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Skype offers some unique opportunities for tech-savvy teachers to get their students learning in exciting new ways.

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A 60 Seconds Guide to The Use of Blogging in Education

15 11 2012

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A few months ago Educational Technology and Mobile Learning posted a detailed guide on how Teachers can Use Blogging in Education. We are glad this post has received a wide interaction from…

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Create Professional Timelines in PowerPoint with Just a Few Clicks! Free Add-in.

9 11 2012

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Office Timeline is a free timeline maker PowerPoint add-in that allows you to easily create and share beautiful timelines, gantt charts, and project schedules.

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