Alternative for Dropbox: IDriveSync

31 08 2010

If you are not yet using dropbox, then maybe you should start considering it -it’s a fantastic tool for synchronizing your important files across multiple computers. If you are already a dropbox fan, then you might be interested in IDriveSync, which does essentially the same thing but with a few more options. Check out this review on downloadsquad for more details. Come together!

6 08 2010

In his blog post “Social media and trying to drink from a firehose” ( Jason Renshaw comes up with a few interesting observations -seasoned Twitter & facebook users will undoubtedly recognize that sometimes it really can get too much, and that you can indeed spend hours trying to keep up with things. Luckily enough, there are also a couple of applications that allow users to keep all their social accounts manageable. Tweetdeck is one application you can use to post messages to your various is another. While the first is definitely very user friendly and easily allows for posting to various twitter accounts, it only supports one facebook-account. on the other hand is much more flexible, giving you the possibility to, for instance, post one message to several social accounts such as Twitter & Facebook, as well as blogs -at the same time. Setting up your own account only takes a few minutes, and once you’re ready you only have to feed all your accounts in the system -et walla, you can start mass-posting šŸ™‚ What I find particularly interesting is the ability to create custom groups: I have created a group “Blogs” for instance, which comprises a blog of our own ( as well as a WordPress hosted blog ( Posting to both blogs simultaneously is now soooo easy! Downside is that the posts have no editor whatsoever -inserting images, or even simple links is not possible. Nevertheless, if you’re using multiple social accounts, then I do think is worthwhile exploring, as I will do now -I’ll probably come back to this in the upcoming days. Stay tuned!