A Free E-book “Game Changers: Education and Information” | SteveYuen.org

31 08 2012

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Dropr : Multimedia Portfolio Collective

29 08 2012

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This is a very elegantly designed creative free e-portfolio site. It allows users to create multimedia portfolios that integrate images and video. The portfolio integrates with your social media accounts well. Some very attractive examples to check out.

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The Curated One-Stop Hub for Learning Video: Mobento

26 08 2012

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Robin Good: Mobento is a hub of curated educational video clips integrating a special search engine capable of finding any word spoken inside the video collection and of visualizing where the words were spoken on a timeline.


From the official site: “This is a library and a library has librarians. That’s us. We’ll be rigorous in only uploading high quality, fascinating videos from established academic institutions and learning organizations.”


FAQ: http://www.mobento.com/faq


Try it out now: http://www.mobento.com/



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Connect with your students on mobile devices or tablets: Naiku

25 08 2012

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Naiku is a very well designed platform that runs on web or mobile and enables teachers or students to create assssment tests and quick questions which can be answered using mobile devices in the classroom or from home. Really handy tool.


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Free HD Videoconferencing Across Platforms with Zoom.us

24 08 2012

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Robin Good: Zoom.us just launched a new cloud-based free HD videoconferencing service integrating full screen-sharing and other rea-time collaboration capabilities.


The service allows you to start conferencing immediately with up to 15 other users live, while supporting both Macs, PCs andmobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.


Zoom also integrates with both Google’s Gmail and Facebook, making it possible to easily access contacts from both of these services.


Zoom.us doesn’t offer all of the features that other video-conferencing and real-time collaboration tools may offer, but it’s free and has capabilities such as high-definition 720p video as well as the ability to do screen-sharing.



Review on eWeek: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/VOIP-and-Telephony/Zoomus-Offers-Free-CloudBased-MultiPart-Video-Conferencing-781093/ ;


Features: http://zoom.us/feature/


Find out more: http://zoom.us


App store download: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zoom.us-cloud-video-meetings/id546505307



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Blogs Wikis Docs: Which is right for your lesson? A Comparison Table

23 08 2012

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A eally useful chart comparing how best to use Wikis, blogs and Docs in lessons. Gives a good comparison of some of the pros and cons.

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Blogs and wikis

20 08 2012

The first day of the seminar is almost over. We have been talking about WordPress blogs.

Use simple short videos for language learning activities Voscreen

19 08 2012

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This is an interesting tool for developing your understanding of different languages through the use of short video clips. Just watch the video clip and test your inderstanding.

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The Complete Educator’s Guide to Using Skype effectively in the classroom | The Edublogger

18 08 2012

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Increasingly, educators globally are transforming their classroom using Skype to create powerful, authentic, motivating learning experiences for their students.

From connecting with classrooms in other locations to learning about each others’ culture to connecting with content experts – educators are extending learning beyond classroom walls.

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Nik’s Daily English Activities: Find Idioms in Everyday Language

14 08 2012

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