Teachem – a new way to create video lessons

23 10 2012

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Teachem allows anyone to create a class from YouTube videos by adding time stamped flashcards and review questions. You can even create your own school on Teachem.

It’s simple and it’s free.

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Connected Mind – create mind maps

21 10 2012

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“Draw unique and memorable mind maps, store them in the cloud for free and access them anywhere.

At last it is possible to create a mind map as individual and easy to imprint on your mind as one drawn by hand on paper. The mind maps you create with Connected Mind are even better as you can easily include images and shapes and you have a whole rainbow of colors and a selection of fonts at your disposal.


There is no limit to the number of maps you can create and you can store them in the free cloud storage provided. There is no need to create an account. Simply sign in with your Google or GMail credentials and your maps can be stored in the cloud on a google database.

Once stored in the cloud, you can access your mind maps from any computer that has Google Chrome installed.


Works on Google Chrome.”

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Find Easy to Read Text for Lower Levels

19 10 2012

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Twurdy is actually based on Google, but it analyses Google results for readability, so it can help you to find more lower level texts for learners without you having to read through every result from Google to see if it’s simple enough.

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Classroom Newspaper Google Docs Style!

18 10 2012

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Great Ideas! Love the idea of uploading newspaper to Youblisher. Turns it into a flippable page newspaper.

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20+ Tools To Supercharge Your Dropbox

17 10 2012

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Dropbox is a powerful cloud service but it is more than just a website for online storage. Dropbox has many apps that work together with it to enhance your Dropbox experience…

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O2 learn

17 10 2012

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O2 Learn is a free-to-use video library for secondary school students where UK teachers share their best lessons & revision tips. You can also download a free app to create your own lesson videos. This might be restricted to the UK though.

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Moodle performance testing: how much more horsepower do each new versions of Moodle require?

15 10 2012

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Each new version of Moodle allows teachers to create more engaging online courses, and do so more easily as Moodle becomes more user-friendly. It also puts extra strain on the …

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